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VIP Membership

VIP Membership

Postby admin » Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:48 am

When you register for VIP membership you will get access to all the latest PPL or OH profiles, OH maps, tools and VIP support

These are a few of the profiles you get but currently we have EVERY marketplace profile!
Event Horizon v1.5
Webbers WebMTTAgg Gen1 + Gen2
Webbers WebTurboSnG Gen 2
Webbers Web1tableSnG
iPoker Invasion - Speed Poker and Cake Eater pack
Endgame v4.1
IEndgame v1.7
Optimus v2.0
KGB 2.3
Retribution 1.7L
Tensor FL v1.0

VIP membership also gets you as bonus 1 free license for the Bot Commander v4.57

Recently added WarBot full pack (this is OpenHoldem along with many table maps and profiles)

...and much much more... if there is a profile or tool you want and not listed it's likely we have it!

VIP Membership is set at only $110 !!!

To apply PM BB007.

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Re: VIP membership

Postby admin » Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:47 am

Yes thats right, you get all of the above plus updates.
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